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Welcome to X Radical Dreamers Network! We are a website dedicated to music, games, literature, and other stuff. Follow us at Facebook, Twitter, and our discussion forums, X Boards. Also, don't forget to visit our new shop!

February 2013 update! We revamped's main design, bringing a quicker access to all of our websites, and our new store. Speaking of which, we'd like to thank everyone for your feedback on the store, and we hope to our best to bring you better and new products.

We are currently dedicating our efforts to updating Addicted, our Kaya website, so please check it out. Our new X JAPAN website is still pending, but it will come later. Also you might notice new sites like Instant Music, Chronopolis, and Xenoverse, they're small shrines for now but will keep growing.

For now I'd like to call your attention towards Instant Music, it's gonna be a place dedicated to music articles. To start, I've updated our Visual Kei article there, even considering the article needs a lot of updates... I'll get to it later!

Last but not least, notice the nifty XRD Network letters on top of the website. That's our new logo. We actually got one after 10 years! Anyway, you'll be seeing the XRD Network logo in all of our websites.

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